My work is a mixture of oil and acrylic paint, with a focus on a brightly saturated colour palette.  Thematically, the works vary from a formal interest in textural surfaces, to the study of the expressivity of hands, to investigation into the possibilities of painted collage.  My current body of work, the Fragmented Memories series makes use of the collage and its tradition of disassembling a whole image.  These fragmented touchstones of memory are reference to the continuous process of collection, selection, reduction, and recollection of information that becomes a memory.  Considering the experiential lenses through which I view the world, these influence often without being aware.  I question why certain images or experiences may make a greater impact than others, as we abstract and extract from everything around us. The experience of painting fuels my passion for life and the creation of new memories in the constant search for inspiration.


Born in Renfrew Ontario, Megan Hazen is a 2017 graduate of OCAD University in Toronto with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with distinction.  Hazen has long been a part of her local arts community, taking part annually in the Renfrew Art in the Park outdoor show, as well as a large mural for the Renfrew Fair.  In 2014, Megan was a finalist in the So You Want to be an Artist national competition, thereby had the opportunity to have a painting in the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa.  Hazen spent her third year of university in Italy part of OCAD U's Florence Off-Campus Studies Program.  Here, the focus was on creating a cohesive body of work and studying Italian Art History on location, while also having the chance to travel Europe.  Living in Florence also provided the opportunity to exhibit work internationally.  Hazen was the featured artist for the RVH Foundation's annual holiday fundraising card for 2016.  Megan was a participant in the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair 2019. She was also a contestant on the inaugural season of Landscape Artist of the Year Canada on Makeful and CBC. Hazen works in acrylic, with a love of colour.  Creating a sense of life, movement, and fun is fuel for this passion.  Entering into this new chapter, Megan is looking forward to future opportunities, travel, and discoveries.

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